This product involves the application of laser printer compatible plastic laminates, to the front/back or both sides of a carrier sheet which is then die-cut to produce a peel out card. Various laminates can produce either a Matt or Gloss finish. This means that there is no need to separately print and attach a card, hence the term “integrated”.
Whilst there are obvious cost savings using this technique, there are also advantages in colour matching the rest of the form to the card and no production delays for separate card printing.

It is usual for the card size to conform to standard credit card size to allow placement into a wallet, however just about any size or shape can be produced. Within limits, (eg. fold positions) the card can also be placed freely on the form and multiple cards within the form are also possible. Continuous and Flat Sheet, all guaranteed laser and signature compatible.

Numbering and barcoding can be done under the laminate, which make it tamper proof and resilient to wear.